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July 12, 2024

How to use

How to use


The Center of the device is positioned on the top of the penis at the Base. Curve the device facing down.  The Base is where the shaft of the penis meets the pubic area.  The ends of the Tubing are placed between the legs on opposite sides of user’s scrotum, running back in the space between the buttocks, and connected together at the front of the user’s waist by the Buckle Clamp.  Any sexual stimulation of the   penis can produce a penile erection in a few minutes and will last as long as necessary to satisfy his partner.

When ERECT-CARE is first put in place, the user must adjust the    position of the Back Clamp and the length of the Tubing at both ends to get firm, comfortable pressure on the top and sides of the penis.  The shorter the length of the ends of the Tubing, the more pressure will   apply on the penis.  

Use the least amount of tension that will keep an erection, but if you need more pressure to get firmer erection, your partner always can pull the Tubing to get stronger and harder erection at any time during     intercourse.

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