Product Overview - Erect-Care

July 12, 2024



ERECT-CARE™ Adjustable Device is intended to improve and sustain an erection of the penis.

Men who are not satisfy with quality of their erections or men who cannot keep an erection firm enough during intercourse may be helped by ERECT-CARE™.

Who can get benefit of using ERECT-CARE™?


As a man ages, penile veins weaken and leak back into the bloodstream. The cavities do not expand enough to allow a full erection. In time, all men experience this decline, no matter how healthy or sexually active.
You can arrest this decline and regain youthful flexibility. You can give your penis a healthy workout with the ERECT-CARE™, and watch the difference.
Your penis gets healthy exercise! It will stand up quicker, and may even be a bit thicker than you have been used to.


ERECT-CARE™can be erection solution for those who experienced:

                        Back injury and surgery


                        Heart Conditions

                        Medications Problems

                        Premature Ejaculation

                        Prostate and Prostate Surgery

                        Arterial sclerosis, high cholesterol,


                        Substance abuse



-          Increase intensity of erection  for every man /firmness, size of the penis head, length and girth/

-          Sustain erection as long as device is on

-          Helping to get erection in many stages of ED

-          Make intercourse possible for man with premature ejaculation problem /even in first time of use/

-          It’s device for healthy workout for the penis /using twice a day for 10-15 min will prevent atrophy and fibrosis/

-          The best Penis Rehabilitation device after prostate surgery /maintain the length and girth after surgery/

-          Lack of side effects

-          Lack of Medical Contraindications /can work in combination with any medications/

-          Very high effectiveness /can produce and sustain erection in the first time of use, and every time/

-          Very short time to start working / getting erection in  2-3 minutes or faster/

-          No limited allowed frequency of use

-          The most affordable device from all product available on the market in this category

-          Very easy to use and comfortable/true hands free device/

-          The only device, which allow control of erection /firmness and time/ during intercourse by man’s partner

-          Very safe to use and quick and easy removal

-          Doesn’t require any power source to operate

-          Can be use in water /in bathtub, under shower/

-          If used with pumps, highly increases effectiveness and comfort or can be use instead

-          Doesn’t make a “hinge” effect like constriction rings

-          Doesn’t prevent ejaculation happen

-          Increase oxygen level in the blood flowing to the penis by using the healing power of magnetic field

-          The best warranty /one year limited warranty/